Driveway Gates Entrance Gates - Hanging Accessory Questions

Please answer the following questions which will facillitate ordering:

The answers to these questions will help us to determine your more specific requirments as regards the most suitable accessories for your project. 

• Do you require a single gate or a pair of gates? 

Singe Gate or Pair of Gates?

• Will you be hanging off brick/block/concrete piers or timber posts?

Brick/Blocks or Timber?

• If it is a side or single gate, what side do you want the hinges on the gate, looking from the road?

Left or Right?

• Do you require the "Ordinary" hinges or the "Eye To Rear" hinges?

Ordinary Hinges or Eye to Rear?

If you are not sure which Hinges and Hangers are best for you, we will be glad to explain.