Entrance Gates – How to Measure

Measuring for a pair of gates or a single gate.

If you already have in place, timber posts, brick piers, steel posts or walls from which the gates are to be hung, simply take the measurement, from the inside of one post/pier/wall to the inside of the other.  We call this measurement the opening or "OPE".

Next measure the height of your piers from the ground to underneath the capping (if any).

The standard measurement unit we now use is the meter, but if you are more comfortable measuring using feet & inches, please do so and we will convert for you.

When measuring for a side gate

If there is capping on the wall, measure the height from the ground to the underneath of the capping.

When measuring for a Garage Door or Stable Door

Please measure the total opening, "OPE", concrete to concrete  and the height ground to concrete. Please note that our Garage and Stable Doors come with frames