Timber Entrance Gates offer peace of mind...


Timber driveway gates can set your home apart from the rest, bringing an extra level of grace to the look and feel of your property. Wooden Entrance gates are not just for security, they are for your exterior design. Pillars offer a perfect backdrop for either intimate or intricate landscape design. Wooden driveway gates can welcome friends into your home while also deterring unwanted guests.

Driveway gates have the effect of adding usable space. The corners of your  garden suddenly become places you do not shy away from when you add any sort of fencing. You will notice that your driveway becomes a safe place for children to play rather than a safety hazard. In all, our wooden gates can add both function and beauty to your home.

Style, Space, and Comfort
Driveway gates can be as simple as a Courtyard wooden gate attached to stone pillars. Timber driveway gates come in many styles. Some are meant merely as a way to stop unwanted cars from entering your property, others are attached to privacy fences or security fences that run around the whole property

Driveway gates offer security, privacy, and elegance. They'll prevent your child's football from rolling out onto the road and unwanted visitors from knocking on your door. With the majority of burglaries being moment-of-passion crimes, driveway security gates are also the best deterrent for home burglars—whether they hint at or actually include further security.


Timber Security gates