Closed Straight Top Gate

The Closed Straight Top Gate

The standard gate/door comes with a full frame, ideal as a side door to a garage or boiler house.


Single Sheeted: These gates are single sheeted.
Hanging: The gate is normally hung between house and a wall or fence. We recommend using 2x hanging stiles as in photo.

Largest  Width:  1.200m
Largest Height:  1.800m at highest point

Door Frame108mm x 70mm
Door Stop50mmx22mm
Sheeting90mmx19mm TGV
JointsMortise & Tenon
Code Description Size (mm) No.
004 Strong tee Hinge 300 4
009 Ring gate latch 150 1
006 Brenton pad bolt 250 1
Full Frame 1

We can manufacture this product to suit your sizes.

Closed Straight Top Gate

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