Ranch Pair

The Ranch Pair

We give you a 15 – 20 year guarantee from rot and insect attack on all our gates.


Piers:   We recommend brick, concrete, stone piers or timber posts.
Automation:  These gates are suitable, but may need to be modified

*Please Advise Us Before Ordering.

Largest  Width:  3.600m  ( Each Gate ) i.e. “OPE” Required Is
7.425m   (Using the ordinary hinges).
Largest Height:  1.850m at Pierside.

Code Description Size (mm) No.
021 Top Hinge 600 2
020 Bottom Hinge 112 2
019 Hook to bolt 350 2
018 Hook to drive 200 2
014 Drop down bolt 450 2
011 Throw over gate loop 350 1
Hanging Stile108mm x 70mm
End Stile80mm x 70mm
Rails70mm x 25mm (with rounded corners)
Top RailTapered 1/3 from hanging stile (108mm to 80mm at end stile)
JointsMortise & Tenon

We can manufacture this product to suit your sizes.

Ranch Pair

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