The Stud

The stud is inspired by our paddock gate, giving tremendous strength and an extra 300mm of height, ideal for equestrian purposes.


Piers:   We recommend brick, concrete, stone piers or timber posts.
Automation:  These gates are suitable, but may need to be modified.

*Please advise us before ordering.

Largest  Width:  3.600m  ( Each Gate ) i.e. “OPE” Required Is
7.425m   (Using the ordinary hinges)
Largest Height:  1.800m at Pierside.

Hanging Stile108mm x 70mm
End Stile80mm x 70mm
Rails70mm x 25mm (with rounded corners)
Top RailTapered 1/3 from hanging stile (108mm to 80mm at end stile)
JointsMortise & Tenon
Vertical Uprights70mm x 25mm (with rounded corners)
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)No.
021Top Hinge6002
020Bottom Hinge1122
019Hook to bolt3502
018Hook to drive2002
014Drop down bolt4502
011Throw over gate loop3501


We can manufacture this product to suit your sizes.


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