Protecting Your Timber Gates & Doors

The timber used is a quality Swedish Redwood and is fully pressure treated, clear in colour, using a Prevac Pressure Treatment Process. Our recommendation is that on receipt of our products, 2 coats of high quality wood stain and 1 coat per year thereafter, is applied in a colour of your choice (not clear or oak), before exposure to the elements, which maintains the appearance of the quality product, prevents weathering and in addition, the stain will also act as a water repellent. We do not recommend any type of varnish, paint, creosote or any low quality stain that you would apply onto fencing or sheds. Failure to adhere to the above Timber Care will result in non-acceptance of any liability by the Company. As timber is a natural living product, we are unable to provide any guarantee against shrinkage, warping, cracking or splitting, which is caused by natural reactions to variations in humidity and temperature i.e. changes in the weather conditions.


Natural wood is the perfect choice for those who desire warmth and beauty in their timber gates and doors. Each rail, stile and board is expertly crafted using our specially selected Swedish Redwood from managed forests.

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